You love developing with Ember.js.

Ember has dramatically improved your javascript development process.

How are you going to fix the SEO problem?

Is this the blocker that is going to derail your master plan?

Your content is all hidden inside script tags.

Google is just seeing javascript.

<script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="say-hello">
<div class="my-cool-control">{{name}}</div>

It isn't running your code.

App.ApplicationController = Ember.Controller.extend({
firstName: "Trek",
lastName: "Glowacki"

You need it to see the rendered result instead.

Hello, <strong>Trek Glowacki</strong>!

Are you going to have to stop using Ember.js if you want your site to be crawlable?

You can't have a website that doesn't show up in Google. Where does that leave you? Give up on using Ember.js? Surely not. Rewrite all the code to also render html on the server? That doesn't seem reasonable either.

Is PhantomJS the solution you are looking for?

Using PhantomJS (or another headless browser) is a good option. If Google won't run that javascript, no biggie, you'll just run it for them. PhantomJS can execute your javascript and save the resulting DOM as plain html, which Google can read.

It's a good solution, but...

But Ember.js was supposed to be less work, not more.

You're using Ember.js for a reason. Over time adding more and more fast, user-friendly interactions to your website was causing a javascript spaghetti code nightmare. Ember.js promised to fix all that and give you (and your users) an even better site as a result. Instead, it's given you this SEO headache.

SEO is not something you want to worry about.

You want to make a great site with great content, follow some basic best-practices, and let Google do its thing.

If you could get rid of this one thorn, Ember.js really would be everything you imagined.

You're not ready to give up on the dream just yet. But, you really do want to find a solution that doesn't require you managing more fickle servers. Ember.js was supposed to mean less monkeying around with servers, not more.

Let us be your monkeys.

SEO on a javascript website can be a huge pain. We've been there and done that. We've worked out all the kinks and built a system that will make your site indexable by Google with very little setup on your part.

We make Ember.js SEO work so you don't have to.

We take care of the nitty-gritty, the server farms, the maintenance, the headaches. You focus your full attention on building your website, building your business.

BromBone takes care of Ember.js SEO.

BromBone generates html snapshots for all your webpages and stores them on our fast CDN. When Google-bot visits your page, you just proxy the file from our server instead of serving your normal content.

We'll walk you through the setup. Most people just have to do some copying and pasting. We take it from there.

We follow all of Google's guidelines so you know they will be able read your page regardless of how much javascript you've stuffed on it.

Learn about using BromBone for Ember.js SEO